December 16, 2008

Growing so fast

Our baby is getting big so fast, she is now 4 months old and starting to eat baby cereal. She rolled over the other day, I was getting the video camera and when I came back she had rolled. Since then I make sure to have the video camera ready when I lay her down and of course she won't do it again. She is ready to sit up but can't quite keep her balance yet. Well that is the update on our baby girl. Here are some pictures I took of her in her Christmas dress, I finally got one of her smiling!!!


guest said...

She is too freakin cute, give her lots of kisses for me.

Doug_Jen said...

So I am not sure why that posted me as a guest! hmmmmmm

Taylor and Amy said...

Aaron and Mandy I can't believe how big she has gotten. She is so adorable. I can't wait to get her and Ellie together too. Let's plan something soon.