October 26, 2009

Way behind!

Here is Jordyn's 10 month and 11 month photos. I will have her one year pic up soon I hope!

Another update

Bella had her babies!!! She had 2 boys and 4 girls but only 3 girls survived. It was such an amazing and emotional experience. We had to bottle feed one of the boys and one of the girls because they were so little but in spite of our efforts they did not survive. It was also emotional when we sent the babies to their new homes. We all wished we could have just kept them but they are so much work and need so much attention so they are better off in their new homes now! We would take them outside and play with them and Bella just loved that she would get so excited! We sure miss them:(

It's been a long time!

With two toddlers running around all day it is hard to get on the computer or for that matter do anything!!! So here is an update.....Noah and Jordyn had their birthdays in August and Kylee's birthday was this month. Kylee is now 11 (wow) she is in 5th grade and getting great grades. Noah is 3 and as hyper as can be. He is in speech therapy and talking much better now! Jordyn turned the big 1, she is walking now and just barely getting her two bottom teeth. We had a birthday party for Noah and Jordyn in August at The South Ogden Splash Pad and when we got there it was freezing but towards the end it got a little warmer and we played in the water a bit. Jordyn sat in her cake while I wasn't looking so needless to say nobody wanted to eat that cake (good thing I made two cakes).
Noah got a bowling set for his birthday he picked it out himself!
Kylee and her two friends went to the spa and got mini massages, it was cute!

My photography business is going well (see the new photos on KNJPhotographyblog.blogspot.com) and I started another business selling Scentsy which I absolutely love. Not only do I love the products but I really enjoy getting out of the house and meeting new people!!!

Aaron has been testing at various fire departments but no luck yet. We are waiting to hear back from one this week :) Keep your fingers crossed! He is still at the hospital and working so much:( He is still doing his DJ work infact has a party coming up soon it will be fun!

We had a very busy summer....went to St. George in July (Aaron's idea) it was 108 degrees and felt like 130. Aaron and his friends went hiking on the Red Cliffs while the kids and I went to Walmart and got waterguns to have a water fight!!! Then a couple weeks later we went to Bear Lake and camped there right off of the beach it was a lot of fun except for the part where the kids had sand in their diapers LOL!!!

So as you can see we are all just busy busy busy but I hope to keep up on this blog!

May 20, 2009

Almost 1

Here she is, our big girl is almost 1, I just can't believe it! She is getting so big. J is almost crawling she gets on her knees and hands then just sits there. She is laughing all the time but she laughs through her nose and it is the funniest thing. She just learned to clap yesterday when she is excited and she waves bye-bye now. She definitely knows how to get her way and we give into her every time, wouldn't you looking at a face like hers?

A day at the Zoo!

The kids had such a blast at the Zoo. Jordyn threw a tantrum when I took her off the carousel, I thought she would be scared but she really loved it. Noah went back to the elephant statue 3 times, he probably would have had just as much fun staying on that the entire day. I can't believe how different it is from when I was little!

April 27, 2009

Little Ballerina

I took these pics of Jordyn for her 8 month and it was hard...she was not in a very good mood and she was mad about the tutu, but I still got some really good shots of her. She also would not leave the hat on for 2 seconds. She is getting ready to crawl soon and I am not looking forward to it because she already gets into everything without crawling! She is laughing so much now and we just love to hear it! She is already so spoiled...when Noah tries to take something from her she screams at the top of her lungs at him and he gives it back!

April 12, 2009

Easter 09

We had a great Easter this year except for Aaron being sick :( Ky had a Hannah Montana game in her basket, Noah had a new kite in his and J had a little chick that chirps. We went outside and searched for eggs and Noah just loved that but he thought even when Ky or J found an egg it was his. Jordyn didn't really know what was going on but she had a good time.