December 31, 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas was great!!! Everyone loved their presents, even Jordyn although she isn't showing it in this picture. She got a bumbo chair from Grandma because she always wants to sit up and the glow worm is from Uncle Jeremy, she always loves looking at Noah's. The kids got Aaron this spiderman mask and after Aaron put it on Noah wanted to wear it the rest the day but it didn't fit him, it was cute! Noah got a little tool bench with working tools from Santa and he loves it. Kylee got a Hannah Montana sleepover bag and she brings it out everynight to use it in the living room. We all had a really good day!


Doug_Jen said...

Hey Aaron you look HOT!!! I am glad to see that you all were good enough for Santa to come even though some of you surprised me by getting things (Mandy) hahaha. Love ya

Aaron and Mandy said...

Ha Ha Ha you are just the funniest person I know!!!