November 7, 2008

Baby J

I'm getting so sad because my "baby J" is getting so big so fast. She went to the doctor the other day for her 2 month check and she is 12 lbs. I want her to stay a baby forever!


Dawn Nelson said...

OMG!!!!!! when the hell did you both procreate again? I had no Idea. Congrats. she is beautiful!! I would love to chat with you both sometime. Thanks for the blog email. I also am on facebook if you want to chat. Hope to talk soon. Dawn Nelson

Doug_Jen said...

I know they do grow up way too fast that is why I still hold Karson ALL the time.

Emily said...

Your little princess is so cute. I don't think I have seen a picture of her yet. Noah and Kylee are getting so big. I saw Kylee and it made me feel really old. We need to get together soon! I hope all is well!